Located in Homewood, Block Out Academy offers group/individual skill sessions and specialty (positional) clinics to build and develop volleyball skills.

Block Out Academy opened in August 2016 and is located next to Weygand Field,


Block out academy is not just a volleyball training facility. It is a place where girls can come and grow into young women without the distractions they face at school, home, and in the competitive athletic environment.

Through the sport of volleyball girls grow in confidence, work ethic, and respect.

Girls learn to grow their confidence not only in their physical ability, but also in their mental capacity to solve and work through hardships that they face daily. They are challenged daily in sport in order for them to grow confidently as young women in the world where there are very few opportunities to do this with low risk.

Girls learn work ethic through skill specific training. Improving one’s athletic ability is not as easy task, and coach Nev challenges each girl individually to realize what it takes to be successful on and off the court. Many girls initially walk through the doors with the false belief that success will be given out as the dollars are spent. They soon come to realize that in sport, just as in life, you have to work consistently to grow, and the effort you expend in work will be mirrored by the opportunities and successes you achieve.

Girls learn respect at BlockOut Academy through the rules listed on the door and how they are required to interact between each other and their coaches. In this society it is unfortunate that our young women are taught by their mothers and reinforced by their peers that it’s OK to bring down other women if it makes them look better or produces a result in their favor. There is a No Gossip rule that is strongly enforced. No coach, athlete or parent will speak in a negative manner about another on the BlockOut premises. If we can respect each other in our differences of ability and livelihoods, we can learn to work together and achieve many things greater than what we would alone.

BlockOut is not just for elite athletes. Athletes ranging from beginners through elite benefit from training at BlockOut Academy. There is no other volleyball facility that is solely for female athletes and accepts them regardless of their performance capability. It is the only facility that believes the individual is capable of overcoming challenges by growing confidence through reinforcing a blue collar work ethic and demanding athletes respect for one another.


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133 West Oxmoor Rd, Suite 203
Homewood, AL 35209