Becoming a Solid Volleyball Player

It is in human nature wanting to begood at something. Have you ever said "I want to be good at  X"- I am sure you did, we all did. But my next question is, what did you do to achieve being good at something? Most of the times, it is just wishful thinking. To become slightly knowledgeable about X it takes effort. To become expert takes much more. 

10,000 hours Rule

Whether its non-fiction writing, or wakeboarding, according to these researchers, you need to have practiced for 10,000 hours, or roughly ten years, to become a genius at something. Gladwell writes that every great composer practiced for at least 10 years before they wrote their master work.

I have encountered many players and parents that have this wish of becoming a good volleyball player or their daughter becoming a great volleyball player. Well fortunately there is a way. Unfortunally its called a 10,000 hrs rule. 

10,000 ~ 417 days~ 6hrs a week through the year ~6 years of training. 

ow most athletes, especially the ones that are just starting are not even close averaging 6 hours a week for the entire year. 

If you want to be good at something, you have to COMMIT. There is no way around it. If you want to be a great volleyball player, keep in mind it takes year and years of practice. it takes commitment, it takes sacrifice. If you are willing to do that, results WILL come.