Trading Heels for Volleyball

Let me start this by saying that I am overwhelmed by support from my husband, family, co-workers, players’ parents, coaches and of course all of my girls. The decision has been tough and scary but with an immediate relief and enormous gratitude. It feels right. 

I've did it before my 30th Birthday, the timeline that I had set for myself. I've done what most of people including myself dream of all their lives, but never have courage to do it. Once again leaving safe and comfortable and following my heart: I left comfort of my home for new country and culture 11 years ago and here I am again. Leaving comfort and stability to pursuit my dreams and influence others. 

 I left my promising office career to do what I am put on this earth to do. I left advanced Degrees to do what I have done for over 20 years now. To fulfill my purpose that I have been given. To share my knowledge and passion. To serve community. To inspire and mentor. To breathe in confidence into people. To lead by example. To show that all things are possible. To follow my own words "Go for it".

I read these words yesterday written by sister of my late friend Dominic: “All of us are standing in a “yard” somewhere deciding whether or not  we are going to move. One-day death will come for each of us. We can live and love fully and boldly or we can remain paralyzed by fear—it’s just matter of price you want to pay “. In life there are no guarantees and there is always a tradeoff- you win some and you lose some. However, we can’t go forward in fear. I choose to go forward with heart full of love, passion and trust in what I do. I believe it will be ok, it already is. 

I think people tend to underestimate coaching. We value big titles and surely they have place and purpose. However, coaching/teaching has enormous impact on our society and planet in general. Guiding young people to make the right decisions, establishing their work ethic, teaching team work, commitment, accountability, punctuality; pushing through tough times, stepping out of the comfort zone. Those skills WILL yield better bosses, doctors, nurses, attorneys, moms, politicians, educators, co-workers, coaches…..better people. Coaching is IMPORTANT. It is more than just Volleyball. We all need coach.

In life we only have few opportunities to make major life changes. Recognize yours and GO for it. Trust that everything,everything(Absolutely everything)will be ok, (in case you are wondering).

"If you wait until the wind and the weather are just right, you Will never plant anything and never harvest anything". - Ecclesiastes 11:4

Training under bombs

our Army Shooting at Airplanes

our Army Shooting at Airplanes

Coming from Serbia and its turbulent history, I was a part of 3 months long bombing that happened in March 1999. For some of you that know me, you may have heard this story already. The reason why I like to tell it is because it represents COMMITMENT. 

I was 13yo and Volleyball was already big part of my life. As the war has started, the schools were dismissed and for first couple of weeks everything that we did has stopped: School, Work, Sports, Social activities.. People have lived in fear and had to figure out how to make the best of the situation that our country was in. Slowly we have adjusted to new situation and start living the life "under the bombs". Life full of adrenaline, fear, grief, pride and for a 13 yo maturity that had to be acquired immediately. Everybody had to work hard, everybody hoped for the war to be over soon so we can continue where we stopped. 

My coaches have decided to continue practice. we trained out on the concrete and grass because it was too dangerous to be in any type of public facility. We trained twice a day, wearing shirts with targets on our back. Not just that we trained to get better, but we trained to resist to the ignorance of war and aggression. The practices were conducted and held even when the sirens for air attacks would go off. We would all pause for a second, adrenaline would rush in and with sounds of detonation and airplanes breaking the sound barrier, we would practice. Diligently practice. There was no excuse. Everybody was there, everybody was working hard and we all made it. We've got better, we've survived the war and we've learned that excuses are not acceptable. 

Everyone had a shirt with target on it. 

Everyone had a shirt with target on it. 

Most of the people from that team had turned professional, some went to college, some are coaches now. All the coaches that were there are still coaching to this day. 

Thousands of people have lost their lives during the 3 months long bombing

Thousands of people have lost their lives during the 3 months long bombing