sport psychology


Volleyball Tryouts:

Congratulations to all players who DID  who made their desired teams.                  Congratulations for those who have NOT. Why?                   

This is your first athletic career obstacle. Your first disappointment. But such is life, disappointments come occasionally, but what matters is how do we bounce back. Do we learn from it? Do we work harder? Do we simply quit?  So, how do you deal with it? 

Tryouts come come twice a year: spring and fall. It takes constant training to get better at certain skill. It takes more than few hours to prep for volleyball tryouts.

As a player, I worked year around and as I was getting better, I only put more hours in- never less. The more you know- the more you'll understand and see things that need improvement. When I was disappointed in my game, even though it hurt my feelings, I would go back to the gym and put work in when all I wanted to do is sit back and feel sorry for myself. That's is what it takes to be an elite athlete. That is how you separate yourself from majority. Work. Commitment. Sacrifice. Passion.

For all of players who DID NOT make the team- ask yourself- do I want to play this sport? If the answer is yes, stop feeling pity, grab the volleyball and get to work.  It's that simple.    For those who DID make it? Is this time to sit down and take it easy? NO- get your volleyball and get to work.                                                    

Athletes, this applies to anything in life, not just volleyball. You can't go forward and grow with wishful thinking. Set the goals and work for them. Keep in mind, somebody out there is always working when you are not.