Anastasia working on her vertical at D1 Sports Training in Homewood.

Anastasia Brackin, senior setter (Clay Chalkville Hs)

“Anastasia Brackin, has been with Coach Nev for about 4 years. From day one, there is no comparison to the level of coaching skills and love that we received from Coach Nev. The one-on-one instruction has been the catalyst for her improve skills and increased her confidence. Coach Nev has a one-of-a-kind approach to volleyball that has built a strong foundation and broke bad habits. Anastasia’s love of volleyball has grown tremendously and what is even better is that she is having fun with someone who believes in her. As a parent I can no longer give my daughter my opinion on her game because at the end of the day Coach Nev has already told her, instilled in her and created the best volleyball player out here and no one can tell Anastasia any different. Thank you Coach for believing in my daughter when she did not believe in herself.”

— Martin & Monica Jordan

Rachel Carrol, 8th Grade (Bumpus MS)

“Coach Nev gives my daughter private lessons. Nev has taught her all aspects of the game. Each lesson is intense and has helped Rachel develop proper technique and skills in the game. She adds an excellent fitness component needed to be a better player. Nev’s love and passion of the game is seen vividly at each lesson. Nev came highly recommended to me by another parent. I think she is definitely one of the very best coaches out there. My daughter started volleyball at age 13. She was able to make her 8th grade team because of the expertise and practice given to her by Nev. My husband and I felt very fortunate to find such a highly skilled, passionate for the game, fit, and hands on volleyball coach!!”

— Valerie Carrol

Rachel Carrol

Torie Denkers

Torie Denkers, Freshman middle blocker (Oak Mountain HS)

“We have been extremely happy with the training received from Nev. She brings passion and expertise to the training which has helped our daughter not only to develop skills and strength, but confidence to use what she has learned. Our daughter has become better, faster, smarter and more confident because of the training she has received from Nev Taylor!”

— Mike & Jamie Denkers

meira shea merritt, junior (vestavia hills HS)

“Our daughter has taken lessons from Nevana for the past 3-4 years. Nev’s knowledge of the game of volleyball and her giftedness in coaching has helped our daughter develop physically and mentally as a player. Nev is very good at spotting the big & small adjustments that need to be made in order for a player to improve & grow. She challenges & helps her players to be physically fit, mentally strong, and skilled in their position. We truly love the results we’ve observed in our daughter and appreciate Nev’s skill as a volleyball coach. I would recommend her to anyone!”

— Gia Merrit

Meira Shea Merritt

Meira Shea Merritt