training levels



Age Groups:

  • 6-8 Year Old
  • 9-13 Year Old

Rookies are athletes with little or no experience in volleyball. The training emphasizes correct movement/footwork and basic volleyball elements: setting, passing, blocking, hitting, and serving. Also, volleyball IQ and basic game rules and systems are introduced.



Age Groups:

  • Middle School 6th-8th grade
  • High School 9th-12th grade

Advanced athletes have 2 or more years experience playing in club and/or school teams. The training focuses on developing volleyball IQ whil improving technique and further enhancing all basic volleyball skills. This level is preparing athletes for competitive club and/or school programs.


Age Groups:

  • 9+Grade

JV/VARSITY/ ELITE VARSITY/ COLLEGIATE are those aged 15 years or older with many years of successful and competitive volleyball experience. This level is designed for athletes who intend to play at the collegiate level or current collegiate/professional athletes seeking off-season training.