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Elite Volleyball Training for All AgeS 

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Located in Homewood, Block Out Academy offers group and individual sessions to build and develop volleyball skills.

Block Out Academy opened in August 2016 and is located next to Weygand Field,

Our mission is to polish volleyball athletes of various ages through detail-oriented training. Block Out athletes will improve on their volleyball IQ, physical and mental preparation along with their physical and mental performance.

Our vision is to inspire future generations to carry on the volleyball legacy: PASSION for the training & LOVE of the game.

Block Out provides training at all levels to allow athletes to reach their full potential.



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133 West Oxmoor Rd, Suite 203
Homewood, AL 35209


training levels



Age Groups:

  • 6-8 years old
  • 8-10 years old
  • 10-12 years old

Rookies are athletes with little or no experience in volleyball. The training emphasizes correct movement/footwork and basic volleyball elements: setting, passing, blocking, hitting, and serving. Also, volleyball IQ and basic game rules and systems are introduced.



Age Groups:

  • 10-12 years old
  • 12-16 years old

Advanced athletes have 2 or more years experience playing in club and/or school teams. The training focuses on developing volleyball IQ whil improving technique and further enhancing all basic volleyball skills. This level is preparing athletes for competitive club and/or school programs.

Coach Nev Blocking for UAB.jpeg


Age Groups:

  • 15+ years old

Collegiate/professional athletes are those aged 15 years or older with many years of successful and competitive volleyball experience. This level is designed for athletes who intend to play at the collegiate level or current collegiate/professional athletes seeking off-season training.

Our programs

SChool of volleyball

This is a 16 week program that includes two 60-minute sessions per week and one speed and agility class (optional).  School of Volleyball is an excellent fit for all new players or players that are preparing for school/club team tryouts. The program is designed to teach and enhance all volleyball fundamentals: passing, setting, hitting, serving, ball control as well as the basic volleyball IQ. We will also do an introduction to different positions in the court, their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, program is designed to develop movement and body awareness through basic speed and agility training. 

Levels that are currently available:

All classes begin January 8th. Please click links above for specific information (i.e. days and times) for each level. If you are unsure of the level, please contact Coach Nev via email: coachnev@blockoutacademy.com

Private/Group Volleyball Sessions

Private and group volleyball training sessions are offered every day of the week. Sessions are 60 minutes in length. These are reserved and customized for each individual or group. Players are grouped based on position and competitive skill level.

Block Out Academy also works with complete Y teams or groups that want to train together and stay together.


Spike Drills.jpg

skill clinics

  • MS/HS 6-8th Grade Standing Float and Intro to Jump Float Serve

Every Sunday 3-4pm: To sign up, click the link below: 

Spring Saturday Clinics (12 and under): These clinics are designed for players that are new to volleyball without previous experience. Younger players (6-9 years old) are welcome to attend.

Spring Pre-Tryout Clinics: These clinics are only for rising 7th graders that are going to tryout for school teams. Players must have some previous experience.

volleyball iq clinics

Setting IQ clinics are designed for High School & Middle School athletes and includes 60 minutes of classroom work:

  • Basics on Decision Making
  • Mind Set of the Setter
  • Setters' Responsibilities
  • Video Breakdown


Testing day is designed for all athletes to convey their current physical abilities and help with their goal setting for physical improvement. This testing will especially help athletes who aspire to play at collegiate level and provide all necessary measurements that are needed for recruiting process. Testing will be conducted every 3 months in order to accurately monitor all the improvements and set backs and to help the athlete stay on track. Click the link below for more information:


speed & agility

This training is designed to build a solid fundamental base with volleyball specific movements:

In December:

  • Saturdays at 1PM
  • Additional classes will be held from 3PM-4PM on December 21st, 26th, and 28th
  • All classes require RSVP for attendance
  • Cost: $20
  • For more details, CLICK HERE

Spring Classes:

  • Saturdays at 1PM
  • Cost: Monthly $80, Drop-In $40
  • For Drop-Ins, you must RSVP prior to coming to class
  • Special monthly discount for Spring School of Volleyball, MS/HS Training Clinic, Homewood, and Mountain Brook groups
  • For more details, CLICK HERE

Lead by Coach DJ Taylor, CSCS: USAW Club Coach with 6+ years of experience with collegiate and professional athletes.

block out core Program

Coach DJ's recommendation for offsite work

This program was developed due to necessity. Upon observation and interaction, our athletes were in great need of core and stability improvement. To obtain the ability level needed, work outside the current training programs was needed.

The Goal: Provide an elite training program easily accessible outside of the Block Out training facility.

This program allows Block Out athletes to improve the most important aspect but often overlooked in athletic training and competition: core and stability. Through this program, each athlete has the ability to solidify this vital block of their athletic base. In doing so, we are able to reduce the chance of most catastrophic injuries, as well as allow each individual to climb closer to their greatest athletic potential.


Follow the link below to sign up:

Blockout Core Program

This app allows not only ease of use but also the ability to log and track progress to ensure athletes are held accountable. Worked into the training program are competitions and testing.